Brittany Amaya

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Hi! My name is Brittany Amaya, founder of, a self-love campaign. I love sharing my perspective and ideas through my writing. I love myself, and the people around me. I enjoy learning about different cultures and views of the beautiful world we live in.

Why I became a Business Owner

I remember my first job at Ledo’s Pizza as a carryout girl. Well, not A carryout girl- but THE carryout girl. Basically my job was to take orders, so that’s what I did. From customers, from management- there was even a bathroom break schedule to follow. Being told when I could take a break, or use the bathroom never felt … Read More

Mary Job

Hallo lovelies, call me M.J, first name Mary, last name Job. I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria among a family of six. I love diversity, both in my thoughts and in my dealings. I enjoy being that #Techie, #Philosopher, and #NewMedia #CrazyGirl behind the scenes of great accomplishments. I know you must think am crazy already. Haha. My academic background lies between philosophy, … Read More

Dana Rucker

Dana grew up in the Washington, DC Metro area.  She loves music, dancing, reading, electronics, paint colors, and Pinterest.  She hates working out, but does it anyway.  Her obsessions are Interior Design and Home Staging.  She is a Financial Consultant with Professional Group, Inc., specializing in retirement planning.  She is also on a mission to empower women to be financially … Read More

Tanya Amaya

Webmaster, IT Development Director Recognized for her strategic imagination in aligning business goals with creative strategy and expression, has successfully led brand design and marketing engagements for a variety of clients. Her experience spans a variety of industries— technology, finance, healthcare, retail, consumer products and professional services. She is committed to developing elegant solutions and cohesive market messaging and communication that … Read More

Ashleigh Maynor

Ashleigh Maynor , M.A., LPC, NCC brief bio: Ashleigh is a true midwest girl. She loves to bake, salsa dance, attempt any Pinterest DIY project and serve God through singing in her church choir. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who enjoys helping others cultivate healthy relationships and discover their career passions in order to live their life intentionally.   Ashleigh Maynor, M.A., … Read More

Chuck Brown

Name: Chuck Brown Hobbies: martial arts, working out, motorcycle riding, movies, music, dancing, creative social interaction “Just my $0.02…” started out as FB posts I used to call “Random thought…” When I noticed other people using the term, I feared getting lost in perpetuity. So I changed it to a term I felt had more humility & wasn’t as popular. … Read More

Damia Jackson

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DamiaJ Hi there! I’m Damia, nice to meet you. I’m a single, free-spirited, laid-back lady who, when I’m not working on this blog, enjoys reading, writing, spending time with family and friends, and working out. Okay, maybe I don’t enjoy working out but I really like to eat (I may be a bit of a foodie). Wow, I feel like … Read More