While I love writing about my own experiences, and providing my opinion on different topics, I'd like to give my readers a variety of voices and content. My goal for Single Girls Rock is to provide a space where we talk, teach, and support one another and leave richer because of the experience. There are no character limitations and it is voluntary.

 To that extent, if you're interested in contributing to the conversation in a meaningful way, please stop what you're doing and send me an email. I promise I won't bite. 

 The content must be three things-

1. engaging

2. relatable, and 

3. educational (where and when possible).  BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR

Keturah Kendrick
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Author of the forthcoming, No Thanks: Black, Female, and Living in the Martyr-Free Zone (She Writes Press: June, 2019), Keturah Kendrick has written about her experiences as a free black woman choosing herself over all... Read More

Kimberly Young
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Kim has dedicated her life as caregiver and advocate for Breast Cancer awareness. She is one of the founding members of Ladies With a Purpose Rock whose mission is to help others in need through... Read More

Brunnie Getchell
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Brunnie’s work as a clinician for over 20 years includes experiences in a wide variety of settings such as out patient psychiatric facilities, mental health agencies and school systems. Her utilization of holistic modalities, in... Read More

Random Sex
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Random Sex   Conversation between a friend and me this New Year I: Hey my friend, it has been ages, how have you been? Him: I have been good, how are you, work and all?... Read More