While I love writing about my own experiences, and providing my opinion on different topics, I'd like to give my readers a variety of voices and content. My goal for Single Girls Rock is to provide a space where we talk, teach, and support one another and leave richer because of the experience. There are no character limitations and it is voluntary.

 To that extent, if you're interested in contributing to the conversation in a meaningful way, please stop what you're doing and send me an email. I promise I won't bite. 

 The content must be three things-

1. engaging

2. relatable, and 

3. educational (where and when possible).  BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR

Random Sex
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Random Sex   Conversation between a friend and me this New Year I: Hey my friend, it has been ages, how have you been? Him: I have been good, how are you, work and all?... Read More

Brittany Amaya
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Hi! My name is Brittany Amaya, founder of TheBetterScale.com, a self-love campaign. I love sharing my perspective and ideas through my writing. I love myself, and the people around me. I enjoy learning about different... Read More

Why I became a Business Owner
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I remember my first job at Ledo’s Pizza as a carryout girl. Well, not A carryout girl- but THE carryout girl. Basically my job was to take orders, so that’s what I did. From customers,... Read More

Mary Job
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Hallo lovelies, call me M.J, first name Mary, last name Job. I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria among a family of six. I love diversity, both in my thoughts and in my dealings. I enjoy... Read More