I have an affinity for books. Truth be told, I’d own a bookstore if they weren’t so passé. My dream would be to write a book (who knows, maybe I will someday). I am fascinated with what I learn about myself in books, and how emotionally connected I can become to a well developed character. My love affair with books started when I was a child (remember Nancy Drew?) and it’s grown by leaps and bounds as I’ve gotten older. A good book can keep me up well into the early morning hours and leave me feeling sad when the story is over. I know I can’t be the only book lover out here so I wanted to have a page where we can discuss books we’ve read or are reading.

So what are you currently reading? What have you read? Would you recommend it?


More Than a Mile

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I recently finished reading Nikki Barrett’s book, More Than a Mile and I was inspired by her story because we are not defined by  where we come from, or the environment we grew up in.  If God has a plan for you (and I believe He has a plan for us all) then nothing you can do will offset it. … Read More

Single is the New Black

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  If you’re single and not reading Single is the New Black then you, my dear friend, are missing out. This book gives voice to myriad of challenges we as single women face in a world that’s seemingly built for two. Or rather, that’s the narrative we’re sold, right? If you’re single then something must be wrong with you. You’re … Read More

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