I designed this site to be a community that represents us, single women who unapologetically live our lives the way we see fit. We are the creators and artists of our lives and this site embraces and celebrates this fact. Society tells us to follow the herd…single women take the road less traveled. This will be an interactive, online platform for us to learn and share our experiences and exchange ideas on a variety of topics such as finances, health, relationships, parenting, etc.

We are strong, resilient, capable, beautiful women who happen to be single. We bend, but we do not break. We have triumphs and tribulations but we endure and come out better for it. This is a community to support and celebrate one another.

This site is for you, for me, for us because well…we rock.

Just My $0.02

Moral justification

The Power of Immorality

Most people want money simply because it affords one the power to be ‘respectfully’ immoral. I would go so far as to say that if you have enough power & prestige, you don’t even have to try to justify your wrongdoings because your followers will do it for you.

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Conversations with Damia

I Am Not Winning Today

We all have a friend that’s always upbeat, happy, sees the world through the proverbial “glass is half full” lens, right? Well for me, that’s my friend Christie. As long as I’ve know her (about 16 years) she’s been this ...
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sad quote

I Fell Down

I fell down. And it hurt because most falls, actually all falls, hurt don’t they? I suppose it comes down to how much it hurts. So I fell down and it hurt, but not that much. I was in a ...
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Dating and Relationships

All Things Related to Dating and Relationships

As I indicated at the end of each part of my chat with Lamont, you can submit your questions for the next segment of our chat here. Latest Posts from Chuck BrownNo Thanks - May 28, 2019Keturah Kendrick - August ...
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Anthony J. D'Angelo Quote

Change the Hand You’re Dealt

Have you ever paid attention to your thoughts? More to the point, do you have things you tell yourself like: “You’re not equipped for this” “Is this really what you want to do?” “You’re not ready”? I have. I’m starting ...
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