Why I’m a daddy’s girl

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I’ve been a daddy’s girl since I’ve been on this earth. My dad is the other side of my heartbeat. He is my dragon slayer, my Superman, my hero. He’s daddy. Ever since I can remember, my dad has been where I go to quiet and restore my soul. While my parents were married, I was always up under my … Read More

An Untamed Ego

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    One night I found myself in a conversation with a couple of people at a bar. We were talking about two big no-no topics: politics and religion. More to the point, we were discussing various political and well known religious leaders of the world and whether these leaders possess over inflated egos. I’m of the opinion that a … Read More

Damia Jackson

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DamiaJ Hi there! I’m Damia, nice to meet you. I’m a single, free-spirited, laid-back lady who, when I’m not working on this blog, enjoys reading, writing, spending time with family and friends, and working out. Okay, maybe I don’t enjoy working out but I really like to eat (I may be a bit of a foodie). Wow, I feel like … Read More

Be better than yesterday

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This is my promise to myself today. Literally right this moment. I’m serious. I have all these thoughts and dreams and aspirations, yet I’ve been stuck in this space where all I do is think “can I really do this?” and “what if I fail, then everyone will know I had no idea what I was doing?”

Dating Chemistry…is it a real thing?

I recently asked some friends how they describe chemistry and these are some of their responses: Mutual feelings between the guy and girl and get along well (vibing) Analogous to when you’re absolutely fulfilled, but always wanting more Non-verbal, non-communicative agreement between two parties; it’s when the stars align and the timing is right—when things align and two people are … Read More

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