Cookies, Gender Roles and More Cookies

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So there I was, on my way back from school to my parent’s place, I had been craving chocolate cookies for about two weeks, so I had made a mental note to get one in a supermarket in town. I got to Ijebu-ode town just few minutes to six, I was in quite a hurry that evening because shops start … Read More

Mary Job

Hallo lovelies, call me M.J, first name Mary, last name Job. I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria among a family of six. I love diversity, both in my thoughts and in my dealings. I enjoy being that #Techie, #Philosopher, and #NewMedia #CrazyGirl behind the scenes of great accomplishments. I know you must think am crazy already. Haha. My academic background lies between philosophy, … Read More

Single Girls Rock, Don’t They?

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Being a single girl in Nigeria is interesting. Why? Because the experiences you encounter are really vast. Aside from the fact that almost everyone believes you should be married with children before you get close to age 28, some others, and a lot at that, believe you have a problem if you’re still single at 30. It’s not uncommon when … Read More