Be better than yesterday

Be better than yesterday

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This is my promise to myself today. Literally right this moment. I’m serious. I have all these thoughts and dreams and aspirations, yet I’ve been stuck in this space where all I do is think “can I really do this?” and “what if I fail, then everyone will know I had no idea what I was doing?”

Then I went to church and the pastor did a sermon entitled “Should You Even Try” (hi Pastor Darrell!). He explained that we often get stuck in the ‘trying zone’ coming up with reasons we shouldn’t do the very thing we’ve been dreaming about doing.

He explained that there’s power in trying. We don’t need to see the entire path we want to embark on before we step foot on it. If we take a step, then another portion of the path will reveal itself. So here I am sharing this with you in hopes that you will help hold me accountable to this promise.

There are times I manage to break through the inertia and actually do something. However, I tend to get worn down with the trying if I don’t see immediate results from the effort. Sigh…I tend to be my own worst enemy. But…

So I will keep trying and remind myself (and hopefully you, dear readers) that incremental movement is still movement.

What goals and dreams are you delaying? What can you do today to get started?