Consider the source

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All my life I’ve always considered the source. Even in my lowest points, I’ve never shamed myself because I know my intentions were genuine.   And during those times when I’ve found myself maneuvering through mass confusion (as I anticipate I’ll continue to do), one thing has become abundantly clear.

There’s always been an ‘at odds’ war between those of us who like to think and those that like to merely point, label and place blame.  Since I’ve always valued peace of mind, I’d rather go down as a thinker than stand in glorified shame. I’m kinda stubborn that way.

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Hobbies: martial arts, working out, motorcycle riding, movies, music, dancing, creative social interaction “Just my $0.02…” started out as FB posts I used to call “Random thought…” When I noticed other people using the term, I feared getting lost in perpetuity. So I changed it to a term I felt had more humility & wasn’t as popular. It really started as a freak accident. For as long as I know thoughts, ideals & philosophies have always swirled around in my head. I never had the discipline to keep a journal or diary so I just kept them in my head. The age of social media became the appropriate platform for expression since I can get them out w/o the burden of pen & paper. It was just a means of release as I was often disheartened by the animosity of most of the posts, some of which I found to be legitimate gripes. I looked at it as a bit of a gag until I noticed I was getting quite a bit of positive feedback. So now I use it for both expression & inspiration as I realize I’m not as alone in my thoughts as I once thought I was.

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