Why I’m a daddy’s girl

Why I’m a daddy’s girl

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I’ve been a daddy’s girl since I’ve been on this earth. My dad is the other side of my heartbeat. He is my dragon slayer, my Superman, my hero. He’s daddy. Ever since I can remember, my dad has been where I go to quiet and restore my soul. While my parents were married, I was always up under my father.

When my parents decided to divorce, it was my dad that was able to calm my hysterics. He showed me what unconditional love looked and felt like. During my pre-teen and teenage years, my relationship with my mother was tumultuous at best and there came a time when it was decided that I should live with my dad.

Oh boy, neither of us were ready for the roller coaster that followed but somehow we survived with our relationship intact and stronger than ever. I like to tell people that my dad got me during my worse years (you know how you think you know everything when you’re a teenager, right?).

My dad has been there through every heartbreak, every triumph and every failure. Always. Without fail. No matter what I say or do, daddy is always there, telling me he loves me and that he’s proud of me and that whatever tragedy is rearing its ugly head will pass with time. And you know what?

He’s right, because it always does. My dad taught me to have faith, to believe in something bigger than myself, to believe in God, to do my best, acknowledge what I feel and honor it, and never, ever doubt myself.

My dad and I share an unspeakable bond. He is the other half of my heartbeat. He is my rock and port in a storm. He has a quiet strength that cannot be confined by mere words.

He is the other half of my heartbeat.

For as long as I can remember, my soul is at peace when I’m around my dad. Some of my best laughter and memories have come from us just hanging out. He’s always shown up, no matter how I behaved, what I said or did, I never felt like my dad’s love was tied to any expectations he may have. Knowing I have his love and support has made me a better individual and woman, it’s given me the strength to step out of my comfort zone. The woman I am today is in large part due to having my dad in my life.


Tell me, how has your father shaped your life and if your dad is no longer with us, please share a favorite memory or something he taught you.