Random Sex

Random Sex

Random Sex

talk about sex


Conversation between a friend and me this New Year

I: Hey my friend, it has been ages, how have you been?

Him: I have been good, how are you, work and all?

I: Just great my friend, all great

Him: Glad to hear, & good to speak with you again, by the way, when are you getting married?

I: Getting married? No idea. What about you, shouldn’t you re-marry?

Him: I will, soonest. Please have an idea o, are you not tired of having random sex?

I: Perhaps, what about you?

Him: I am so tired of random sex; I will be getting married as soon as possible.

I: That is great news; I look forward to eating #Jollof at the party.

Him & I: Conversation goes on for another 5 minutes and ends….


sexual double standards

If this conversation had been with regular folk, the response I would have gotten would have looked more like; ‘oh you are a woman o, you should not be having random sex’. Basically excuses are made for the men when they have random sex but the women mostly get emotionally blackmailed, and receive judgmental looks, which isn’t really fair.

I have often wondered why women always get that “what do you know/what do you have to say look”, however I don’t think the causes are far-fetched. A statement like ‘Oh, so you are female’ speaks volumes, whether blurted out intentionally or unintentionally. It is not fair for anyone, male or female to think in their head automatically;

“What has she got to say?” or “Oh, she is female” or “What can she do?”

We should not give room for prejudice in their hearts by making such or similar remarks; we would hardly make such remarks if it happened to be a male in question. What is more unfair is when a female somewhere plots the downfall of another female.

This is 2017. Let us females be a pillar of support for one another. Chimamanda has made this call before, Beyonce has, other women have too. Now I am joining my voice to call on all females, please stop competing with one another for the attention of men.

saucer of milk

Males are awesome, don’t get it twisted, but ask yourself how many videos of two men fighting over one woman have you seen? Or heard about? Didn’t you see what Usher & R.Kelly do in that ‘same girl music video’ after they found out they were dating the same girl? They teamed up!

To all my wonderful, beautiful, marvelous females out there, let us TEAM UP for success in our endeavors, don’t team up to show up like R.Kelly & Usher did; you’re better than that. Team up to conquer! And to all mothers & fathers raising sons, raise them up to respect females, and learn to treat us like they would their mother. I don’t want to hear that talk about how crazy some women are, if she is crazy, stay the heck away from her, but if you love her craziness, Godspeed brother. *Grins*