Offensive much?

Offensive much?


A male friend was kind enough to send me an article about Nine West’s new shoe campaign. As, I’ve discussed before, I can’t for the life of me figure out why these brands continue to present everything they do from the perspective of old men. Is there one thing here that is NOT offensive or extremely insulting? Ultimately, this will serve to do nothing but isolate their core target audience of women 25-49 and raise the ire of bloggers like myself. 

The campaign is centered around three themes involving, 1. getting a man, 2. having children, and 3. being a homemaker…kind of interesting, no?  So let’s just review for a moment, shall we?

Nine West’s largest customer base is W-O-M-E-N to whom they primarily sell shoes and handbags. Now I get that marketing is designed to entice a person into buying a particular product, and it’s not a coincidence that it’s a billion dollar industry. However, women are smart consumers, which is why it’s all the more baffling to me that Nine West would launch these ads–which seem insulting if nothing else. According to the 2012 Census Bureau report, 53.6% of unmarried U.S. residents were women– and that is a LOT of buying power we yield. Now I’m no psychic but I’d wager a bet that the number has only increased in the last two years.

The whole purpose of this site and this community is to celebrate single women. I have been exploring why the narrative of many stories focus so little on women doing for themselves. Why does a woman’s success have to be measured by whatever man she is affiliated (or married to)?  Don’t even get me started on this Walk of Shame nonsense. Dear Nine West and others: Where are the ads that represent single women? There are so many places to shop nowadays. How about you guys talk to your target customers instead of insulting them? Hmmmm…

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