A Single Girl’s Perspective on Valentine’s Day

A Single Girl’s Perspective on Valentine’s Day

Well I’d like to say I’ve got some deep and profound advice as to how best to get through Valentine’s Day.

But guess what?

I don’t.

And there are SO many articles floating around offering up tips for single women, that I don’t feel the need to add on.

Me reading what I need to do to be happy for Valentine’s Day!! Won’t you join me??


After all, most of them make me roll my eyes anyway. So maybe all I can do is share my perspective on the matter which is, it’s another day like the one before and after.

Couples will do whatever they want, just as singles will. If that means you commiserate over your relationship status, then call up some friends and do so. Then remind yourself that you are a sexy, vibrant, accomplished, loving woman whose value is not tied to whether you’re dating someone. So, allow yourself to feel whatever you feel; however, feel it and move on. You’re the same woman you were yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Don’t let one day, this day, diminish your worth.


Or perhaps, I should just start a new business: Single Girl Valentines. That is where all the smart money is right?