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Damia Jackson

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DamiaJ Hi there! I’m Damia, nice to meet you. I’m a single, free-spirited, laid-back lady who, when I’m not working on this blog, enjoys reading, writing, spending time with family and friends, and working out. Okay, maybe I don’t enjoy working out but I really like to eat (I may be a bit of a foodie). Wow, I feel like … Read More

No Thanks

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Have you ever read a book and felt as though the author knew you personally? No? Well perhaps you should pick up No Thanks: Black, Female, and Living in the Martyr-Free Zone, written by Keturah Kendrick, a woman who bucks all the societal norms, (not really sure why we continue to let society define what’s normal but that’s a diatribe … Read More

Keturah Kendrick

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Author of the forthcoming, No Thanks: Black, Female, and Living in the Martyr-Free Zone (She Writes Press: June, 2019), Keturah Kendrick has written about her experiences as a free black woman choosing herself over all others for her personal blog as well as other publications. She is the host of the podcast, Unchained. Unbothered. and the chief content contributor to … Read More

The Curious Case of the Older Lady Not on a Husband Hunt

Next week, I have a date with a man who stated on his online dating profile that he is looking for his life partner. Like me, this man is in his early 40s. “Looking for my life partner” no doubt translates into “I am finally ready to take on a wife.”   I am not interested in being a wife, … Read More

Dating…Who Me?

  Twenty eight years and two children later I’m back in the dating world. But am I really back and what am I back to? It’s been two years since the separation and ultimately divorce and not one “date”.  No movie, dinner date, walk in the park, hangout…do I really need to continue? All this begs the question: when is … Read More

Kimberly Young

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Kim has dedicated her life as caregiver and advocate for Breast Cancer awareness. She is one of the founding members of Ladies With a Purpose Rock whose mission is to help others in need through fundraising, partnerships and community collaboration. She is the owner of Lavi Concepts, LLC which promotes health and wellness through natural skin care and aromatherapy. Kimberly … Read More

Brunnie Getchell

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Brunnie’s work as a clinician for over 20 years includes experiences in a wide variety of settings such as out patient psychiatric facilities, mental health agencies and school systems. Her utilization of holistic modalities, in conjunction with her skills as a counselor, provides clients with unique therapeutic experiences. She can be contacted at www.brunniegetchell.com

60’s, Single and Dating?

So, “you’re out there”.  Welcome to the dating scene. You’re either on a dating site searching for “the one” or you’re frequenting clubs and meet up single events hoping the “wrong one” doesn’t approach you or ask you to dance. You might also be the brave warrior willing to accept the occasional blind date that well-meaning friends and family convince … Read More

Why you should care about macronutrients

Now you may be asking yourself what in the world are macronutrients, right? Simply put, they’re the main nutrients that make up the foods we eat which are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Another way of looking at it is macronutrients make up calories. The body cannot produce macronutrients on its own. Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself why you should … Read More

What is Fit?

Let me start with an apology about the rant I’m about to go on. I promise if you bear with me it’ll all make sense by the time you finish reading this post. I’ll be honest, I used to think being fit was directly proportional to the numbers on the scale. The skinnier I was, the better and more fit … Read More

30 Minute Workout Blast!!!!

Ladies, are you so used to taking care of everyone else that you end up putting yourself last or neglect yourself entirely? I call that the Wonder Women complex. Join me on Saturdays at 10:00 and put yourself first for a change. This 30-minute workout will focus on your butt, thighs, and abs. This group is for women of all … Read More

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