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I’ve been wearing a mask. I didn’t realize it until I took it off. Now you might be asking yourself how did I take something off that I didn’t know I was wearing, right? Very, very good question. I became friends with one Clayton Jones and somehow, someway, he’s helped me understand that removing my mask was analogous to surrendering … Read More

And So It Begins…

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I’ve been seeing quite a few posts on social media filled with emotional “rhetorical anxiety” in lieu of the outcome of this election. But here’s something that I think isn’t being considered amongst the consensus: instead of seeing America as having put on a new mask, perhaps it may have just removed one.

What do you see when you look at me?

As women, and more importantly, as human beings, we all search for something or someone to complete us. To make us whole, and bring all of our pieces together. The question we need to be asking ourselves is, “Why do we need someone else to do that?” We all know the age-old saying: “How can you expect someone to love … Read More

Brittany Amaya

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Hi! My name is Brittany Amaya, founder of TheBetterScale.com, a self-love campaign. I love sharing my perspective and ideas through my writing. I love myself, and the people around me. I enjoy learning about different cultures and views of the beautiful world we live in.

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