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Cookies, Gender Roles and More Cookies

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So there I was, on my way back from school to my parent’s place, I had been craving chocolate cookies for about two weeks, so I had made a mental note to get one in a supermarket in town. I got to Ijebu-ode town just few minutes to six, I was in quite a hurry that evening because shops start … Read More

Enough Said

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I just finished reading Jennifer Aniston’s article For The Record and it made me want to stand up and clap. Jennifer’s fed up y’all. And honestly, most of us are or should be. Fed up with what you ask? The media’s portrayal of women. Rather than go into a lengthy diatribe, I’ll just highlight three things that irk me the … Read More

Irreconcilable Differences

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As I see it, there are very few differences that are totally irreconcilable. Because of ego, very few people are willing to put forth effort to work towards mutual understanding. And it is that unnecessary obsessive divisiveness that plays a huge role in humanity’s stagnation.

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