Irreconcilable Differences

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As I see it, there are very few differences that are totally irreconcilable. Because of ego, very few people are willing to put forth effort to work towards mutual understanding. And it is that unnecessary obsessive divisiveness that plays a huge role in humanity’s stagnation.

Gun Control: A Minimalist Resolution

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In regards to recent opinions being thrown back & forth about guns, I figure I’d throw my hat in the ring. My take is that if someone passes the proper background check & spends the money, I have no problem with the general ownership of firearms. But the means by which people are tested to prove responsibility must be totally … Read More

What I believe

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I believe it’s okay to admire and/or respect someone you don’t quite understand or get along with. I also have come to know you can have a strong difference of opinion or disagreement with someone you wholeheartedly love and support. We must come to realize that differences, as well as our commonalities, help to contribute to the beauty of this … Read More

Not easily impressed

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Don’t let my laid back disposition throw you. It’s not that I’m not impressed. Being the simple purist that I am, flashy things I don’t fully understand very seldom amaze me more than the things I can comprehend. To me, life in general is amazing so I can’t pretend something impresses me or fake “amazement” so to speak. What’s your … Read More